JFRD crews battle massive 3-home fire in Springfield

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Three homes in Springfield were badly damaged on Tuesday by a massive fire.

It happened on Ionia Street near East Eight Street.

Smoke from the fire was visible for miles.

No injuries are reported and what caused the fire to erupt is still under investigation.

Lisa Cochrane who was a passenger in a car on the road when she saw heavy black smoke rising in the air. She eventually got closer to the source of the smoke and realized home was completely engulfed in flames.

“It’s very frightening to see anything like this. It’s one thing with the building but knowing it’s home and someone could be in there is devastating,” Cochrane said.

Girardeau Nesbitt recorded a video from his cell phone. Like Cochran’s video, flames could be seen shooting into the air.

“It was close to other houses so was another house going to catch on fire? The trees were on fire. It was a lot going on there,” he said.

Other neighbors had the same concern.

JFRD spokesperson Eric Prosswimmer said the fire did spread to other homes.

“We ended up with three houses on fire at one point. The main house was destroyed. We had a substantial collapse to it. It was not safe for our firefighters to make the entrance. They started to but were quickly called out for their safety,” Prosswimmer said.

Investigators said two of three homes were definitely vacant and the third home was under renovation but they were not sure if anyone lived in it.

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