Sweet summer savings: Vacationing on a budget

Recent surveys state that the average American spends $2,000 on a vacation. That goes up to $4,500 for a family of four. With hotels, airfare, and eating out, the vacation of your dreams can appear as just that. Only a dream.

However, there are some simple travel tricks that will help you spend less.

First, depending on the length of your stay Airbnb offers multi-day discounts. For a seven-night stay in a three-to-four-bedroom house, Nerd Wallet says the average price is $213, but if you’re only staying for one night, that goes up to $314. Also, many Airbnbs offer referral links that can save up to $30.

USA Today reports using a VPN, or virtual private network can save you money when booking flights and hotels online. It hides your IP address. Researchers found customers from IP addresses in the United States were charged more than people from other countries.

When it comes to flights, plan ahead. It’s best to book your flight 76 days prior and research shows you can save up to $57 by booking on a Wednesday.

Lastly, make the most out of your gas tank. The average summer road trip is 500 miles roundtrip. Experts say if you always have a half of a tank of gas, delay extra stops and drive consistently the same speed, you can save up to three miles per gallon. Checking apps such as Gas Buddy can help you find the best prices for gas in the area.

Another tip is to download the app City Pass if you’re traveling to a big city. The app allows discounts on many big attractions and can save you money when sightseeing. Also, try booking a less popular destination. Lonely Planet is a source that shows many unique vacation spots hidden across the United States.