Going up: Gas prices in Jacksonville inch toward $4 a gallon

Local business “Jess Organized” is feeling the pinch

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As gas prices continue to inch toward $4 a gallon, business owners are telling News4jax they’re feeling the pinch.

Jessica Jansen — who owns the home organizing company Jess Organized — told News4JAX she has to drive around Northeast Florida for work.

“I go into people’s homes and I’m organizing their lives, their businesses,” Jansen said.

The gas price increase has been devastating to her bottom line as some prices of $3.99 have been spotted around Jacksonville.

“I’m doing like $300-400 dollars a month in gas alone. And doing a small business it’s really hard to see a good bottom line and where your profit’s gonna be. Because our supplies have gone up also,” Jansen said.

Her company organizes homes and offices all over northeast Florida from Gainesville to Callahan and she said she has an upcoming client in Tallahassee. That means more long gas-guzzling drives.

“I have an app that tells me where my lowest gas prices are going to be within a 10-mile range of our home. Because I don’t want to be driving 25 minutes to just get gas,” she said.

Experts who monitor the oil industry and futures have said that decreased production in the Middle East coupled with high temperatures across the U.S. have contributed to increased prices. The hope is once the temperatures subside they will fall. But the unknown is hurricane season and whether that could impact domestic oil supplies.

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