Brace yourselves: Jacksonville property tax notices are going in the mail and they’re going to be higher

Truth is, your property taxes may increase. Channel 4's Jim Piggott tells about the trim notices scheduled to show up in your mailboxes.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville is mailing out TRIM (truth in millage) notices Friday. It’s the first look at what your property tax notice will be this year -- and unfortunately, that amount will be higher than last year.

The Jacksonville City Council met on Thursday to talk about how to spend the money from property taxes.

The reason for the property tax increase is nothing the City Council did, but it’s something the voters agreed to -- more money for teachers and better schools.

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Also, most property values have gone up in Jacksonville, so that means the taxes go up too.

“Well, when they get their TRIM notice, the first thing we want them to do is read it completely, and then really assess it,” said newly elected property appraiser Joyce Morgan. “The second thing is you’ll notice a slight bump in your tax liabilities.”

Morgan confirmed that the one mil bump for schools will be reflected in the increases.

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