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Beer Run: 7 best beers for recovering after a run

Runners at Runner's World are now creating recover-friendly ales and lagers to also include additions live vitamin-rich fruit or salt to replace lost electrolytes.

For those who are new to the spectacle that is the annual Gate River Run, you might be surprised when you're handed a beer after crossing the finish line -- or even during the race (got to love those volunteers!)

Experienced runners know beer is actually a good way to re-hydrate because most American beers are mostly water, have a small amount of protein and have a third of their calories from carbohydrates, according to RunnersWorld.com.

And some craft brewers have taken advantage of runners' love for beer by designing “recovery-friendly” ales and lagers that can ease aches.

RunnersWorld said these beers add vitamin-rich fruit or salt to replace lost electrolytes.

According to RunnersWorld, the seven best beers to end a run with are:

  • Sufferfest Beer Co.'s FKT
  • Zelus' Race Pace New England Ale
  • Dogfish Head's SeaQuench Ale
  • Mispillion River Brewing's War Goose
  • Goose Island's Soleil
  • Sam Adams' Raspberry Lemon Gose
  • Avery Brewing Co.'s Go Play IPA

For more on these beers and why they can benefit you after a run, check out RunnersWorld’s breakdown.

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