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Easy fixes to keep your smoke alarm quiet -- unless there’s an emergency

Disabling the smoke detector due to inconveniences is a dangerous mistake many make in their own home. News4Jax wants to help you evade this deadly error, starting with how to prevent that annoying chirp.

Don’t let that annoying low-battery chirp in your smoke detector lead to a decision that could put your life at risk. Removing or disabling a smoke detector is a dangerous mistake. Instead, Consumer Reports has some easy ways to keep your alarms connected properly so they only go off when they’re supposed to.

First and foremost, Consumer Reports says you should always assume there’s a fire when you hear an alarm. When you determine that you’re safe, then you can get to the root cause.

“Some of the things that will cause an alarm to go off are dying batteries, steam from a shower, dust, or even spiders inside,” said Consumer Reports Tester Bernie Deitrick.

As for the fixes, let’s start with an easy one: the battery. Replace it every six months. If it’s sealed in the unit, replace the unit every 10 years.

To reduce other alarm triggers, it helps to understand how detectors work. There are two main types: photoelectric and ionization.

“Photoelectric alarms respond to particles in the air created by smoldering fires or steamy showers. They’re less prone to false alarms caused by cooking, so consider them for areas near kitchens,” Deitrick explained.

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Ionization alarms, on the other hand, are triggered by the small particles given off by an open flame, so an active kitchen will often produce false alarms. They’re better installed near steamy bathrooms.

For the best protection, Consumer Reports recommends dual sensor alarms, which use both types of technology, or a combination of photoelectric and ionization alarms throughout your home.

Consumer Reports recommends these two:

Consumer Reports says don’t install smoke alarms near windows, doors or ducts where drafts might interfere with their operation.

If you are a Duval County resident and would like a free smoke detector, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department will give you a free one and come to your home to install it for you. Call 630-CITY (2489) to make an appointment.