How to track your ballot, make sure it counts

Florida offers online tracking of ballot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you’re one of the millions of Floridians voting by mail this year and you’ve heard the stories about problems with the postal service and issues that can cause votes to be disqualified, we can offer you some peace of mind.

Every Floridian who mails their ballot in the 2020 election can follow their ballot along its path to being counted.

″I think it’s a wonderful idea. You should be able to track it," voter Dianne Weaver said. “Don’t you remember the dimpled and hanging chads? We should be able to track our ballots.”

Online tracking of your ballot is available in all 67 Florida counties. On each supervisor of election’s website, look for a link called “My Voter Status” or something similar. You’ll be asked to enter your identifying information.

Once you are logged in, go to “My Upcoming Elections” and look for your ballot status. If you requested a ballot by mail, you’ll see when it was sent out. It will show when it was received and, sometime on election night, you’ll know it’s been counted.

“That helps a lot, especially with a lot of questions raised about this election being fraudulent,” voter Scott Fallows said.

Voters like Jacquelyn Bennet told News4Jax that knowing that their ballot counts encourages them to make their voices heard.

“It makes me feel confident that if I go to vote, it’s going to be counted for real and my vote won’t be put in some box somewhere in the back of an old building that no one will ever see,” Bennett said.

If you’ve mailed your ballot and it’s still not showing as received after a reasonable period of time, you can request a new ballot or vote in person. Elections officials recommend voting in person.

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