Coronavirus forces name change of feature on first mainstream electric Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper SE feature changed from ‘Corona Spoke’ to ‘Power Spoke.’

Electric car Mini Cooper SE in grey-yellow (WJXT Channel 4)

The automaker Mini, responsible for the production of Mini Coopers, rolled out its new model the Mini Cooper SE in 2021.

The released of the SE was highly anticipated since it was the company’s first mainstream electric model, equipped with many new to market features.

This included a very specific wheel design. Mini named these 17-inch wheel the Corona Spoke.

A Mini spokesperson said in an interview with Car Buzz,

“Although the name of this wheel design was in place a good time prior to the current pandemic, we’re making sure all marketing and consumer communications materials are being updated to reflect the new name of this wheel design. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

The new name of the wheels with a funky design is the Power Spoke.

I say wise decision, Mini.