Flagler County man admits to shooting dog in face, sentenced to prison

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office employee adopts ‘Rocky,’ who has made a full recovery

Rocky (Photo provided by Flagler County Sheriff's Office)

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – A Flagler County man who shot his dog in the face and left him in a kennel has pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty and tampering with evidence charges and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Jamier Lee-Bright will serve 42 months of probation after his prison term and will be placed on the animal abuse registry. He is required to have no contact with any animals, complete a mental health evaluation and recommended treatment, and had to forfeit his firearm to the Sheriff’s Office.

The dog, Rocky, suffered a bullet through his snout and bottom lip into his neck and shoulder area and through his left front leg. He had to have staples in his snout, a drain in his neck, a metal pin in his leg and numerous stitches.

But he has made a full recovery after being adopted by FCSO crime analyst Hayden Ore and his family.

“They needed someone to foster him immediately when he was released from the vet following surgery, so he wouldn’t have to go to the shelter. We agreed to take him right away!” Ore said when he first adopted Rocky.

Rocky couldn’t bear weight on his leg and hopped around for short bursts as he’d get tired quickly.

Ore was working April 5 when the sheriff’s office received multiple calls about an animal crying in the “S” section of Palm Coast, where Rocky’s owner, Lee-Bright, had left him in a kennel in a bedroom after shooting him, deputies said.

“Justice has finally been served to Rocky’s shooter,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “Lashing out against your pet is never the right answer. Thankfully Rocky is now living happily with Analyst Ore and his wife and no longer has to live in fear.”

Ore and his wife say Rocky has shown no signs of aggression and has been a wonderful addition to their family. He enjoys playing in his yard, loves car rides and is enjoying his new home after recovering from surgery.

“It is miraculous that Rocky survived two gunshot wounds,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said of this case. “There is no doubt he suffered greatly. Rocky has a loving home and the defendant is behind bars. A fitting end to a disturbing crime.”

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