Sailor surprises daughter at Oakleaf school

Abby Callipo, 12, surprised by Navy father

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A young girl got the surprise of a lifetime Monday afternoon at Oakleaf Junior High School.

Abby Callipo, 12, was preparing for the junior varsity volleyball game while her father, Navy Chief Bryan Callipo, was preparing to surprise her after the national anthem was played on the court.

Chief Callipo came home from a seven-month deployment in Bahrain and Japan.

He was waiting outside the gym as a former Oakleaf Junior High teacher brought Abby to the center of the court. The teacher asked Abby if her father was coming to any of her volleyball games this season.

Abby said no, but the teacher had a different answer for her.

Chief Callipo walked onto the court and embraced his daughter.

"Yes, I'm very surprised," Abby said.

The crowd applauded as the father and daughter were reunited.

"She gives some of the best hugs," Chief Callipo said.

Abby could not stopping hugging her father and welcoming him home.

"I love you, Dad," Abby said. "All right, get out there and win," Chief Callipo said.