Elderly man sees ocean for last time before losing eyesight

Make-A-Wish takes Woody Parker, his wife to Fernandina Beach

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – An elderly man had one wish before he loses his eyesight.

Make-A-Wish foundation granted Woody Parker's wish, taking him and his wife of 62 years to the beach so he could see the ocean one last time before he goes blind. 

"Life is not always going to be perfect every day," Woody told News4Jax. "There are going to be problems, but you have to sit down and work these problems out together."

The weather was beautiful Friday in Fernandina Beach, where Woody and his wife, Eugenia, spent one of his final days with eyesight enjoying the scenery.

A limousine ride, a little music and a nice view was all Woody wanted before he permanently loses his vision. 

He told his wife he wanted to spend one final time with her enjoying the beach.

"I'm losing my eyesight because of glaucoma," Woody said. "They can't do a thing about it and I want to be able to see this place for the last time that I'll be able to see it.

Woody and Eugenia live in a nursing home, but they're still enjoying life. They've been together for 62 years -- through good and bad.

"We've had our troubles like everybody, but you overlook them. They're not really important," Eugenia said.

As the couple enjoyed the beach, they even shared some marriage advice with one News4Jax photographer.

"You're off to a great start," Woody told him. "I think you're going to make it."

With life changing for Woody in what some would describe as a negative way, he reminded that things aren't always so bad.

"The sound of the waves ... I'll be able to continue (to hear)," Woody said. 

Earlier in the day, the Parkers enjoyed lunch before heading to beach.

"It's been a very, very special time and he'll remember it always," Eugenia said. 

A professional photographer was also at the beach Friday, capturing the memories.