Miniature therapy horse spreads joy at Nemours

He is the second therapy horse added to the team

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Nemours Children’s Specialty Care has a new miniature therapy horse.

Five-year-old "Buc" meets with Nemours patients and their parents and siblings to bring smiles to everyone's faces. 


What makes Buc unique is his story. Buc was rescued by Dale Dunn and Chris Dunn, with Pet Partners of North Florida

Buc was severely injured and had to receive 24/7 care when he arrived. He now has a prosthesis, an artificial body part, on his leg. 

In many cases, children can relate to Buc and he brings them joy. 

"Buc shows that you don’t have to be a shiny penny to be loved," Jennifer Pfieffer, Nurse Manager at Nemours Children's Specialty Care, said. 

Pfieffer has done animal assistant work for 10 years. 

Buc is the second miniature horse to become a miniature therapy horse through Pet Partners and is a massive hit with the patients and families at Nemours. 

“Animals have a power of healing,” Pfieffer said.  

She says it has been proven that therapy animals reduce blood pressure and heart rate. 

The plan going forward is to grow the program at Nemours and add more animals in the future. 

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