Oakleaf High students packing Bahamas relief supplies


Students and staff at Oakleaf High School helped pack donations for Bahamas relief Friday, trying to help those devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Their efforts started five days ago with a simple post to social media asking for supplies for Student Ambassadors for Bahamas Relief. Throughout the week they've received water, food, clothes, flood buckets and much more.

"I took this as an opportunity to become a better person and strive to work harder, and this is just something that I really took to heart and I wanted to do," student Karan Khullar said.

"There's still more help needed," said Sonia Belgrave, math specialist at Oakleaf High School. "The more you give, the more you receive, and we're blessed to be a blessing."

The school has partnered with Sysco International Food Group during the donation process and the company has paid some of the expenses for several donations.

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