Police officer’s 7-year-old daughter hopes to inspire with chalk message

Force 4 Good: Sidewalk Art for Police Officers
Force 4 Good: Sidewalk Art for Police Officers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We’re seeing the signs of support and unity everywhere during this pandemic. Through sidewalk chalk messages, teacher parades, and other avenues, people are checking on each other from a distance.

A little girl in Mandarin was inspired by her dad, a Jacksonville police officer, to say thank you to a big group.

Olivia Daniels, 7, sees how hard her dad is working right now. She’s showing her love to everyone who has to leave the house right now to do their job.

Olivia gets that everyone is trying to stay healthy -- and that’s just harder for people who can’t stay home.

“Everyone that is helping is doing a great job and everyone that does have the virus is staying away from other people -- so, I just want to say thanks everyone, even the people that have the virus,” Olivia said.

Now that’s supporting her entire community.

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