Food4Frontline: Busy Memorial Hospital staff gets meal from Bono’s

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Frontline workers across the Jacksonville area are working nonstop in the fight against the coronavirus, some at times going all day without eating.

News4Jax has launched Food4Frontline, a community-wide effort to help both frontline workers and local restaurants. Thursday was the first delivery to the staff at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville. The hospital received over 200 meals from Bono’s to feed the staff and lift their spirits.

“They are so excited,” said Mary Reval, the chief nursing operator at Memorial Hospital.

Health care workers are truly on the frontlines of the COVID 19 outbreak working long hours to keep the community safe.

“In addition to the challenges that they have at the hospital making sure that they are safe, keeping all of our visitors and their co-workers safe, they are also facing the same challenges that everyone else is at home," Reval said. “So they are going home and homeschooling their children or they are worried about not seeing their mother.”

The hospital staff could not stop smiling when they saw the delivery. If you would like to donate meals to Food4Frontline, click this link. Meals will be donated to Jacksonville-area hospitals.

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