New murals part of effort to breathe life into Arlington

Arlington 20/20 initiative aims to empower community and inspire positive change

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New art is coming to Jacksonville’s Arlington neighborhood.

The Arlington 20/20 initiative is using public art to breathe new life into Warrington Park, namely with the addition of two new murals, which were dedicated to the community in a ceremony Tuesday.

The initiative aims to bring people together through faith, business, education, nonprofit and government. The goal? To address community empowerment, family bonds, economic development, housing development and workforce development.

Nico Holderbaum, the artist behind the murals, said the community banded together to create the murals, from friends to volunteers who heard about the effort on social media.

“People came through from the community, from the local neighborhood,” Holderbaum said. “I have some friends that live there, so their whole family came, their friends, we had like 20 people out there. Also, people I found through social media.”

Holderbaum said art plays a major role in revitalizing communities.

“I think it’s underappreciated,” she said. “People underestimate the power of public art to elevate and transform communities.”

Holderbaum said the murals have two different themes: dream big and fly high.

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