Positively Jax: Operation New Uniform helps veterans transition careers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mission of Operation New Uniform is to ensure that all of this nation’s veterans make a successful transition from life in the military to the civilian world.

The group is making a Positively Jax difference by outfitting veterans with the skills they need to succeed and make it in the business world.

They have a presence in virtually every city in America. We know Jacksonville is a military town. So, you know they have a major presence here.

Since they organized, they have helped 312 veterans make that transition. At the foundation of building that success is building the veterans’ confidence. Helping them find a good fit professionally and making sure they are set up for success.

It’s really all about swapping a military uniform for a new uniform in civilian life.

Operation New Uniform is continually working to grow its network of support of individuals, corporations and organizations to help even more veterans in an ever-growing community.

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