Local man makes Positively Jax difference for troubled teens at St. Johns Youth Academy

Nicholas Harvey’s mission is to open the door to the future for young men who found themselves in trouble. And he is making a Positively Jax difference for the teenage boys at the St. Johns Youth Academy juvenile detention facility.

Harvey teaches a career class helping them hone practical life skills that will help them interview well when they begin to look for a job, be successful in managing their finances by teaching financial literacy and instill a good work ethic.

Instilling morality and values is also part of the equation.

In an effort to pave the way for success, Harvey helps these young me see themselves in a different light.

He coordinated an effort to buy six of the boys brand new suits. He also got them fresh haircuts and had professional headshots done, realizing self-image would help them grow self-confidence.

The boys he mentors have not always had healthy relationships, so Harvey focuses on the value of developing ties with people who support and love you. He teaches these boys who may be living in a detention facility today the life skills they need to open the door to tomorrow.

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