Exploring St Augustine Medieval Torture Museum | River City Live

by Eden Kendall

Have you ever been walking down St. George Street in St. Augustine and come across The Medieval Torture Collection?

I’d passed it more than a few times, and finally decided that wanted to see what was going on in that place.

Callie Rodgers, manages the museum’s daily operations. “Well, I mean, it’s a torture, we do have a torture museum. It’s a 4000 square foot museum. It’s torture devices that  have been used throughout time.”

She  says, despite how bizarre the subject matter, there is something that can be learned since “sometimes if you don’t look back on history tends to repeat.”

I didn’t show any of the exhibits in depth on this segment, because some would find them disturbing. What I personally found interesting is that there were different “punishments” designed to suit certain crimes. Public drunkenness could land you in a barrel of water, for weeks, in the center of town.  Gossip or slander? Well, that’s not for the weak of heart.

The exhibit is dimly lit and consists of replica machinery and mannequins. It’s somewhat gory, so it’s NOT for everyone.

Ticket prices start at $13.99.

Learn more at MedievalTortureMuseum.com