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Make A New Years Resolution For Your Hair | River City Live

If your hair was making a New Year’s Resolution this year what would it be? Marcy DeSanto, stylist and owner of Top Knotch Salon suggests three things.

First, she says, find the correct “prescription” of products for your hair. She says to learn the texture and character of your hair, and use shampoo and conditioner meant for your hair type. She says embracing the type of locks you are born with, rather than always fighting your hairs natural inclination will result in healthier hair in general.

Second, she suggests longer scalp massages. Marcy says that spending at least two minutes during shampoos is a good start.

Finally, she says, why not resolve to make a change in the new year?  Marcy suggests asking friends for their opinions, searching out celebrities that you feel you resemble, and using available hairstyle apps. Ultimately, she suggests you go over your new look with your own stylist to be sure your particular hair texture is right for the new look.