Creating Gene Bottle Bud Vase | River City Live

By Eden Kendall

Did you grow up watching the classic tv show I Dream of Jeannie?  Eden Kendall did, so when she came across some pretty glass soda bottles, she  couldn’t stop thinking about how they looked like miniature versions of that bottle.

Here’s how she transformed them from clear glass bottles to tiny genie bottle bud vases.  Eden said " The first step in adding some fun to these clear glass bottles is to make sure that anything I’m going to do to decorate them will stick. To make that happen. I’m cutting up some plain tissue paper. I’ve created this glue and water mix. I spread on the bottles and I applied a thin layer of the tissue paper.”

Once the tissue dried, she used a glue gun to create a textured design. She then painted the bottles, and accented the raised glue gun designs with gold paint. Finally, she added some dollar store beads.

So, what do you think? Would you try this?