Eden Tries A DIY Project: Canvas Mounted Photo | River City Live

By Eden Kendall

Google “photo prints on canvas” and any number of companies will appear, happy to create them for you. OR, ..you can give this very inexpensive dollar store project a try.

All you need are a photo printed on copy paper, a few paint brushes, Mod Podge (from the Dollar Store) and a canvas (also at the Dollar Store)

Print the photo on inexpensive copy paper (NOT photo paper) in the mirror image of how you want it to appear because we will be laying this photo down on the canvas face first.

Next, spread some Mod Podge on the canvas and lay the paper with the photo right on top. You can paint the sides of the canvas prior to this step if you like. Spend a good amount of time smoothing out the air bubbles and let the paper dry to the canvas.

Once dry, wet the paper thoroughly and start rubbing off the paper, making sure the image doesn’t peel up.

Add more water as needed and don’t worry if little bits do peel off. It’s meant to look weathered.

Finally, once you are sure all the outer layer of paper is gone, and you’ve wiped away all of the “paper crumbs”, finish with a light coat of Mod Podge.