Summer Skincare with Jones & Rose | River City Live

It’s almost summer! Long days out in the sun at the beach or laying by the pool... how do you take care of your skin and protect yourself? Jones & Rose, a local store located in the St. Johns Town Center, has products that can keep your skin healthy even during that summer heat.

Here are tips that Jones & Rose recommends:

1) Lip Therapy- Protect Your Lips: Your lips get sunburnt too! Protect them by using a lip balm or lip stick that includes SPF in it.

2)Summer Exfoliation with Sugar Scrubs: Add more exfoliation into your routine during the summer. Now is the time to over-exfoliate to open up block pores and stop yucky oil on your face.

3)Daily Moisturization with Body Souffle: That extra layer of sweat on your face? That DOES NOT count as a moisturizer!

4)Use Essential Body Butters & Body Oils: Natural body butters are thicker and richer than body creams and they are suitable even for sensitive and dry skin.

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