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The Secret Tiki Bar Somewhere In Jax... | River City Live

We visited an undisclosed location to kick back and unwind. But, we can’t tell you where we are! Why? Well, it’s what we agreed to when we were invited here by a man we know only as “Secret Tiki Tommy.”

“Tiki has been around since the 1930s 40s and 50s. And there’s a huge revival now of Tiki bars and lounges all across America ...and we’re so glad to be bringing Tiki back in Jacksonville.” Secret Tiki Tommy told us.. So why keep it a secret?  “We’re actually a Tiki speakeasy. So we have built our business primarily on word of mouth.  It’s amazing how people are finding out about us. It’s been spreading word of mouth, social media, Instagram, Facebook. And then just even customers that have been here ....come back and actually bring new people.”

So, how can you find this hidden gem in Jacksonville?  We’d love to tell you, but, like all the others that have visited, we were asked NOT to reveal our location. However, if we were able to find it, we know you can too. Just remember, you will need a reservation and a password!