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A Fun Craft for the Summer: Jolly Rancher Roses | River City Live

Hi, it’s Eden. I’m just going to admit something right here. I am not crafty. I play a crafty person on tv but have never been a crafter. I minored in Art in college and consider myself artsy but not crafty.

That is, until Covid. Once lockdown started, I became fascinated with all things DIY. I had a great time trying recipes, home décor projects and every form of tie dye imaginable.

But this is the best thing I have ever made.

Let me repeat that.

THIS is the BEST thing I have ever made.

Introducing, Jolly Rancher Roses.

Here’s all that you do. Boil water and pour it over a bowl of Jolly Ranchers still in the wrappers. Let them sit for five or so minutes. This part is trial and error because if they get too soft they melt and if they don’t get soft enough it’s difficult to mold petals and leaves.

I wore gloves at first because I had heard it would be hot, but quickly took them off. This part is up to you.

Use a slotted spoon to remove the candies a few at a time from the water. Unwrap and flatten and twist them around a stick or straw. Let harden overnight.

Simple, right!

Ok, here’s where it got fun. I decided that since I have no young kids around to enjoy these roses, I would use them as a garnish for a cocktail. I dropped a few Jolly Ranchers into some vodka and let that sit for an hour. Then I just poured that into a martini shaker with ice and poured out a watermelon-tini! Added the roses….and VOILA!!

It’s so easy….and aren’t they beautiful? Sticky…but gorgeous!