Jax Best Surf Shop: Aqua East Surf Shop | River City Live

If you’re looking for the best surf shop in Jacksonville, you’ll want to head east to Aqua East in Neptune Beach!

Known by many as “the leader in board riding,” Aqua East has been around for decades -- since 1973 to be exact. Now, after tallying all your votes, the consensus is that this surf shop is the best in town.

If you’re thinking of the beach, quite frankly, Aqua East has you covered. In addition to being your first place to stop before catching some waves, they’re stocked up on beach apparel for both guys and gals.

Wetsuits, bathing suits, sandals, sunglasses -- it’s all there! Are you into skating? You’ll find a section for that too.

Head to Aqua East’s website for a closer look.