Is Eden Having a Midlife Crisis? | River City Live

Hi there ! Eden here! We’ve all heard the phrase “mid-life crisis” but what does it really mean ? I’ve jokingly tossed the verbiage around when talking about my participation in mud runs and paddle board adventures. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with going back to my teen years and donning some food old fashioned, four wheeled roller skates. 

I invited some friends to join me at Skate Station Mandarin for adult night, which happens on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  We arrived early for a lesson and I asked my friends and others in attendance what they thought about my latest exploits! Is it a mid-life crisis to desire to return to the things that brought you joy when much younger?

Well, not according to Dr. Tracy Alloway.  The author and psychologist says “No…it’s just fun!”