7th Annual Fabulous Woman Pageant | River City Live

Fabulous Woman Pageant is more than a pageant. It’s indeed the ministry and purpose of Tonya Thomas, the founder of the pageant.  She receives 15 - 20 women / contestants from various walks of life and gives them the opportunity to celebrate themselves beyond the challenges from the cards life has dealt them. In return  they volunteer themselves to Tonya’s platform to serve the community and the people of the community.

2021 is the 7 year Anniversary for the event! She creates a theme each year for the event that creatively and playfully gives an empowering message. This year’s theme is “Breaking the Chains that Bind Us”.  Tonya and her choreographer, Felicia Toliver, spoke with Rance to get the insight on this Sunday’s event at WJCT Studios at 5:30pm.