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Noreen Young has some fun ideas to share with you on her signature series Beauty from the Kitchen.

Explore the possibilities. These are inspired with a global twist. These recipes aren’t just for the ladies. Guys can use them too!

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It isn’t just about an egg white mask to tighten the skin!

HAIR recipe:

Coconut milk makes a hair softening hair treatment for shiny healthier looking hair.

FACIAL recipe:

Honey makes a great addition not only to hot tea it is so skin softening mask and temporarily line smoothing too.

White Rice Water (not cooked) and soaked in water overnight helps to lighten the skin from sun spots and dark patches like mask of pregnancy.

BODY recipe:

Dry skin can benefit from a soothing and skin calming bath in lukewarm water filled with a cup of powdered milk and by filling a sachet with oats (as in oatmeal). Helps with itchy skin too.

Nail recipe:

Olive oil,sunflower oil or avocado oil make an easy cuticle and nail treat. Great to refresh your mani and pedi.

Please note: IF you happen to be allergic to any of the above ingredients don’t try the recipe.

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