Black Friday: Shopping Online Vs. In-Store

Jessica Morgan from Jacksonville Mom joined us on our Countdown to Black Friday River City Live Special to give you some tips on when to online vs. in-store. Here are some pointers to help you tackle Black Friday this year.

· Enjoy a retro, throwback Thanksgiving (stores are actually closed)

· Get ready to shop in person Friday morning- 5am Walmart, 6am Home Depot, 8am Target

· Go to the store for the BIG things- TVs and Bikes and the tiny things-clothing items, small wares, bedding, etc

· Favorite in-store deal is Home Depot’s $2 Poinsettias

· Miss a laptop deal? Get a very inexpensive one through your FOCUS/ONE VIEW ACCOUNT via Duval Co Public Schools!

· Sleeping in? Wait until Cyber Monday!