Digging deep into Florida’s fossil history

Today the Florida Museum of Natural History joins the show to discuss their Fantastic Fossils exhibit! The exhibit is a collaborative endeavor between the museum’s exhibit and research teams, the entire exhibit was conceptualized and built in-house.

• The exhibit’s highlight is the live lab that offers a unique look behind the scenes and the chance to interact with researchers as they work. See a full working lab and speak with paleontology curators, collection managers, students and volunteers to see what the life of a scientist is like. Guests can see a variety of tasks and projects in the lab like cleaning and rebuilding fossils, sorting tiny bones from sediment and creating digital reconstructions.

• More than 100 real fossils from the museum’s vertebrate paleontology, invertebrate paleontology and paleobotany collections are also in the exhibit, in addition to casts and replicas. The two most visually striking on display are the life-size Triceratops and Albertosaurus casts that welcome guests as they enter.

• The exhibit will also have researchers join in virtually from the field and collections to showcase cool specimens that aren’t on display and answer questions visitors may have about digging into the past.

• Other components include a paleoart interactive activity where guests can trace and draw prehistoric life to take home.

The exhibit is open daily through Jan. 1, 2023, but we recommend coming on weekday mornings for the best experience. With smaller crowds, guests can take their time in the museum without feeling rushed and it gives staff more time to interact with visitors individually and provide an even more enriching visit. To find out more click here.