Ever thought about becoming an electrician? 3 reasons this could be the career for you

So, what do electrical workers do? We’ll tell you!

Are you about to graduate high school and you haven’t yet decided what you’ll do next? This could be for you.

Are you about to graduate high school and you haven’t yet decided what you’ll do next?

One option is to apply to become a student in the Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville and “earn while you learn,” as the training school phrased it.

So, what do electrical workers do?

There are many places where you will find electrical professionals, including telephone and computer infrastructure workers, audio-visual installation, security camera and access control system employees, as well as people who work on fire alarms, electrical facility maintenance sites, in electrical construction and doing service at industrial locations, hospitals, airports, offices, stadiums, data centers, roadways and any other number of businesses and homes, according to the Electrical Training Alliance.

Basically, electrical professionals install, provide and maintain the backbone of your power and information system’s needs.

Why become an electrician?

Here are three reasons.

1. The job is always in demand.

There is currently a skills shortage in the electrical industry (and it doesn’t look like it’s’ stopping any time soon).

Plus, there will always be a need for electricians as the electrical industry evolves, with changing technologies, electrical systems that need to be installed and maintenance by professionals in the domestic, commercial, industrial and mining industries.

2. You have potential for massive career growth.

Becoming an electrician opens so many opportunities and specialty paths that lead to a life-long rewarding career.

Positions and opportunities range from being part of a business at a trade level right on through to middle management, engineering roles or owning and running your own business.

What’s more, within the electrical industry, many electricians select a specialty that they focus on -- whether it is building and construction, green energy/solar, automation, manufacturing, mining, energy or water supply industries.

3. It’s challenging -- in a good way!

Working as an electrician can be a challenging but rewarding career.

You have to have a great understanding of practical installation skills, electrical diagrams and health and safety. Electricians are able to take on various jobs and projects, ranging from major commercial, industrial, or automation projects to various high-end and standard residential jobs.

Learn more by watching the video above, or visiting the Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville’s website.