Just For the Guys: Noreen’s must-know grooming tips for men!

Male viewers have been asking questions and Noreen has the answers. For Men’s Health Awareness Month, here are some skin health tips... just for the guys!

“Dear Noreen,

I am a beared man and get face and neck bumps. I don’t know why or what I am doing wrong. What can I do for it? I wash my face day and night.”

I suggest you try Dermasuri’s Face and Neck Exfoliator for Beared men. Exfoliate under the beard to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The brand also makes a Deep exfoliating Mitt Face scrub made with a unique fabric texture to wash and exfoliate your face with.

“Dear Noreen,

I get a few breakouts (not acne) is there something I could do to help from not getting them?”

Besides washing your face at night... Your pillowcase may be the culprit. How often you change it really makes a difference on the skin. Dermatologists and beauty professionals recommend to toss it in the washer and dryer and change your pillowcase at least two times a week.

“Dear Noreen:

Is a sunscren really necesaary I work from home and don’t spend alot of time outdoors. I also have sensitive skin.”

Thrive Skincare powered by regenerative plants Daily Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin is fragrance-free, protects and hydrates the skin. SPF 30 Not just for your face.

Your body needs SPF too! Body Shield 50 Broad Spectrum. you’d be surprised how just going to the mail box daily or running errands can give you a sunburn or a little bit of color.. You always need sunscreen.

“Dear Noreen,

I often have dry flaky skin, a litte bit of wrinkles and it looks dull too. What can I use to help improve the texture and look of my skin?”

Clinical Skin care by Peter Thomas Roth has just launched ...Even Smoother Glycolic Retinol Resurfacing Peel Pads for men and women They help improve the look of your skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Used at nighttime. So easy to use.

“Dear Noreen:

I can’t seem to fall asleep sometimes like I used to before the pandemic. Other than a sleep-aid what can I do?”

Start a Chamomile tea sipping ritual at night, or take a hot bath with Epsom salts that relax the muscles. Another thing you can do is try DEEPS- A new brand for catching some ZZZ’S for a perfect night’s sleep in a patch form.

*Please note: Always check with your doctor if you are taking prescription medicine or a skin RX.

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