Protect yourself from sunburns with wearable UV detection

Skin cancer is considered the most common cancer in the United States, but a survey reveals most kids aren’t protecting themselves against it. News4Jax tested out something you might have seen on social media. It’s called SPOT MYUV. They’re small purple UV detection stickers that claim to remind people when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Intern Ashley Weinstein tested several golfers to see how it worked. Each had a different experience with the UV detection stickers. One of the golfers did not get to finish his round of golf because the sticker fell off. News4Jax reached out to Kay Sylvain, licensed esthetician and founder of Skin Craze to see her opinion on the patches. SPOT MYUV patches run anywhere from 72 cents to one dollar a piece depending on how many you purchase. “I don’t think you need a reminder because it’s a step that you should be doing anyway, every single day. Just consider it like a lifestyle. So, you should be wearing sunscreen every day regardless,” Sylvain said. For more information go to the website.