Four steps to guarantee success in the New Year

The reason most people are not successful is they have not put a structure in place that will support them all the way through to their success. We have great ideas but because we’ve not thought about how we will make them happen, we get discouraged early on. Here are four steps that you can apply to literally any aspect of life to guarantee your success.

  • 1. Get clear on what you want - Example: loose weight is vague, relocate, change jobs, make more money… all vague. Lose 15lbs, move to LA, become a nurse, or increase my income by 20k is specific.
  • 2. Remove barriers - Your mind is going to tell you that you can’t do something you have never done before but the truth is that you can. Secondly, you want to remove any barriers to your success. If you’re trying to lose weight then remove the food that’s in the house that doesn’t support weight loss. If you’re wanting to relocate and buy a home now would not be the time to go buy a new car or spend a lot of money.
  • 3. Strategy - HOW will I accomplish this goal? Being really honest about all the steps and planning them out is so imperative to your success. If my goal was to lose weight my strategy would be something like meal prepping, hiring a trainer, finding a local gym, or whatever felt in alignment for you to be supported in accomplishing your goal. Don’t forget to create a vision board! :-)
  • 4. Actionable steps - WHAT will I do to make this happen? Well, now that I’ve planned how I will do it, I have to do it. If meal prepping was a strategy then in this portion of the process I would find my recipes, go to the grocery store, prepare the food, Etc. Plan it out! Be honest about the steps and the time it takes to accomplish them.