Beauty and wellness for your Valentine and Galentine

Valentine’s Day is almost here! My absolute favorite time of year! Galentine’s Day is too.

It’s the perfect time to tell the people in your life you care. Besides saying “I love you” giving gifts doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can bring so much joy! I love to give gifts! I especially love the smiles and hugs I get back.

Here are a few ideas you might want to give:

❤️ All things Beauty and self-care is always a good idea! Who doesn’t want to look good and feel fabulous. Men love to groom too!

❤️ A cookbook is yet another delicious idea. In can be a way the two of you can get together and whip up something new in the kitchen. Why not add Poland & some new recipes to the menu. I discovered cookbook author Lois Britton on Instagram. Check out her recipes there!

*Men love to eat and cook too.

❤️Another idea is a cooking class with Chef Dennis Blue Bamboo Canton Bistro locally has classes once a month on a Sunday. Why not buy a gift card for a class for two? Yum! Men like to cook too not just women.

❤️Jewelry is always a good idea. It does not have to be real. Just pretty. Think hearts,lips etc.

Super cute!

❤️If you’re into DIY and creating gifts… Join me this Saturday February 11th locally at 11:00am to Noon at our IKEA store.

It’s FREE!!! Make a reservation and join in on the fun. You’ll learn how to create a SPECIAL gift for your Galentine, Valentine, daughter, mom, bestie or spouse.

The space is limited. So please join in and make a reservation soon. Tell a friend!

Head to the Events Page: sign up for my Galentine’s Day workshop.

You do not have to be an IKEA family member although joining saves you bucks!

Enter for a chance to Win:

$50.00 IKEA gift card

And a chance to win what I demo and create in my workshop! My signature … “Spa in a Jar”!

I smell learning, laughter & fun!

For more info you may find Noreen on Instagram and TikTok @noreenkissyoung or call 904-739-2560