Spring Clean Your Diet

The change of seasons is the perfect time to kickstart healthier eating habits. Registered Dietitian is here with easy, nutritious meals you can make this spring.

1. Replace your breakfast cereal with chia seed pudding: Chia seeds may be small in size, but they are packed with fiber which helps you feel fuller longer. Chia pudding is the perfect blank canvas for fresh seasonal fruit and other nutritious toppings such as cacao nibs, nuts and coconut flakes.

2. For a refreshing take on tacos, try a taco salad: As the weather warms, we tend to crave lighter, more refreshing meals. Turn your favorite meals into salad versions for lunch, boosted with fresh produce.

3. Cook more dinners at home: Studies suggest that meals prepared at home are typically lower in calories, fat, sugar and sodium, than meals prepared outside the home. It can be as simple as a 6-ingredient pasta skillet dinner balanced with carbohydrates, protein and fat.

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