Beauty hacks for Earth month

Noreen Young is back with some Beauty Hacks this time with an Earth month twist and money saving too!

Down to the end of your facial potions, body lotions, hair products, bath and shower gel or toothpaste tube?

Think again there’s still a lot left in that tube. I always keep a pair of scissors in my bathroom and you’ll want to do this too. Simply squeeze the tube and cut it in half all across. What you will have is a few days, a few weeks worth of product to dive in and use.

Love a brush from a mascara or brow gel you purchased but didn’t love?

Save it and rinse it well with soap and water. Reuse It to apply a mascara or brow gel you like more.

Broke a makeup compact, powder blush or powder eyeshadow?

Pick up the product off the floor or your makeup bag and savor the rest of the product. DON’T throw it all out. I always keep empty jars on hand in different sizes. Then all you need is to apply them with a makeup brush.

Dropped or broke a facial or eye roller on the floor?

Scoop up and throw away the broken pieces and salvage the roller if you can. Smooth out the bottom where it broke with a nail file or sandpaper so it’s not rough on your hand. Enjoy!

Run don’t walk with this tip the after Easter sales are waiting for you! Not only your favorite Easter candies, but shop for the plastic Easter eggs! On SALE! Last year I snatched up a dozen colorful eggs for .17 cents.

You know what I use them for?

I use them to hold my washed and clean beauty blending sponges. Works for travel and for your cosmetic bag depending on the size of your bag. Don’t buy an expensive holder. Try this! I’ve even turned on my makeup artist friends to this trick. Works like a charm!

Down to the end of a liquid foundation? Brow gel? Mascara? Or blemish potion? Add a dash of distilled or spring water to them. Not tap water! Doing this will give life to your product until you can replenish your products.

I sometimes use those facial makeup wipes in a pinch or sometimes when I travel. They are not really great for the planet but if you like to use them… enjoy this tip!

I cut them in half and the package of towelettes lasts me even longer and saves money too.

It’s good for Mother Earth to repurpose, recycle and reuse products. Use them to the last drop! Don’t waste! Enjoy them.

If you have a beauty or skin care question for me you can reach her at or on Instagram and Tik Tok @noreenkissyoung