3 research based ways to combat anxiety

Often in situation that is causing us anxiety, it’s hard to disengage and stop thinking about what is causing us to worry. It is like a pink elephant: The more we try not to think about a pink elephant, we end up thinking about it!

Here are 3 research based ways to avoid the pink elephant.

1. Flip it

If you have to give a presentation and keep thinking, “I’m going to fail, I’m going to forget, I’m gonna mess it up”- flip the conversation.

Do this : Tell yourself what you will do. Example “be confident, speak slowly”

2 Observe.

Recognize the difference between a thought, and a fact. Research has shown that is helpful to be an observer and acknowledge the anxious thought you were having.

Do this: Say:, " I see that I’m thinking I may fail this presentation. This is a thought and not a fact. "

3 Imagine

When we fear the worst will happen, we often don’t think about what’s next

Do this: Think of what will happen after that. Will you do something different? Maybe even laugh about it with a friend? Visualize how you will recover and bounce back.