Turning Your Child’s Ideas Into A Publishable Book!

PeTika Tave is the owner of BayaBooks and More, which stands for Beautiful and Brilliant As You Are Books, a company dedicated to affirming children and strengthening families. A native of Jacksonville, Tave used her struggles with low self-esteem and confidence to create books and products that help parents and trusted adults talk to their children and have open communication about their feelings. After losing almost 200 lbs. and winning an Inspiring Stories of the Year Award in 2006, Tave knew she had a greater purpose in life. She and her daughter offer their products online and in several stores in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, in addition to doing presentations at community events, markets, author visits for schools and organizations, etc. Her mission is to spread love and confidence to make the world a happier place. To learn more or schedule a presentation for your group, visit www.BayaBooks.com.