River City Plus: Crowning moments for young authors

River City PLUS shares stories from the 904 and beyond, with a behind the scenes look and deeper conversation. Today River City PLUS features local queens! The Miss Poka Pageant winners will host a book signing this Saturday at FSCJ from 12:00 - 2:30 PM with a book reading at 2:00 PM.

A message from the founder:

My name is Latarvia Davis I am the owner and founder The Miss Poka Pageant. It was created in 2022 and is a safe space for girls to be whoever they want to be. We encourage the girls to use their imagination, and be confident while doing it. We offer classes on self defense, hair & hygiene and also do back to school drives. Our goal is to teach young ladies to believe in themselves at an early age all while having a good time. For more information visit Pokalips.com