Jaguars finish day 1 of OTA's

Defensive end Chris Clemons was the only no-show for the first day of voluntary on field team activities

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It was sort of like the first day of school, but this was not a "take the syllabus and go" kind of day.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley likes up-tempo practices and left little time for getting acquainted with each other during the team's first of ten OTA's on Tuesday.

"Good practice today for the first one," Bradley said. "There are some things to clean up like the tempo of practice, things like that, but it was a good start."

It was a good start for 89 of the 90 Jaguars that were present on the first day of OTA's.  Veteran defensive end Chris Clemons chose not to participate.

"We want everybody here and he knows that," said Gus Bradley.  "I have faith in Chris Clemons.  I know he will come back, he's never not come back ready to go."

According to Bradley, the offense looked like they were ready to go.  He said he was interested to see how they came out against a veteran defense and was pleased with what he saw.  "For them to come out and execute like they did was great.  You didn't see many busts.  I thought it was pretty good.  Definitely something to build on.

There was a good bit of attention on Blake Bortles as he enters his second year as a starting quarterback in the NFL.  All offseason long, Bortles has said how great it was to just work on "quarterback things" as opposed to getting ready for the combine and pro days like he was doing last year at this time.  This offseason, Bortles told us he worked extensively on footwork and mechanics, something he said he was happy to finally show off.

"To me it is a big difference.  It's just more efficient, it's better, it's something that when I talked to Greg Olson a while back, it was something that needed to be addressed.  It was good that we were on the same page because I felt the same about those improvements."

Bortles wasn't the only one that took notice to his new mechanics.  Gus Bradley was quick to point out the way that Bortles and the offensive coaching staff went about the new changes to how he throws.

"I like it because it was done with poise I think," Bradley said.  "Sometimes as coaches you get out there and think you have to fix this in a day.  It hasn't been like that.  It's been little bits and pieces and I think because of that, Blake has more ownership in it."

The Jaguars continue OTA's through Thursday of this week.