Motorcycle crash survivor to participate in Gate River Run event

Andrew Miller sets new goal after learning how to walk, talk again

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A motorcycle crash survivor beat the odds, and learned how to walk and talk again.

Andrew Miller is now taking to the pavement and participating in a Gate River Run event on Saturday. 

Miller, 24, spends much of this time at Brooks Rehabilitation, recovering from a serious motorcycle crash last year. 

"When Andrew first arrived, he was in bad shape," said Stephen Scibelli, chairman of neurosurgery at Memorial Hospital.

Miller wasn't wearing a helmet when he collided with a car. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and spent more than a month at Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

"I just woke up every day and lived, thanked God I could breathe," Miller said. 

Miller spent the next few months after the crash relearning how to walk and talk -- with his mother standing by his side. 

"It's just a miracle because they said he had no chance or survival," said Stacie Hamilton, his mother.

Miller said the recovery process was tough.

Andrew Miller

"It was a struggle," he said. "But I'm determined to get back to everyday life."

After hearing about the Gate River Run during therapy, Miller set a new goal: To complete the 1-mile challenge.

"My goal is to finish the walk in 30 minutes," he said.

He's got #TeamAndrew to back him up. Family, friends, as well as therapists and nurses who helped treat him, will walk the course with him on Saturday. 

For him, Miller said, it's more than just a race.

"(It gives me) hope, having an accomplishment," he said. "I'll feel good about myself."

He hopes his story will inspire others to accomplish their goals.