Blake Bortles did a Reddit AMA, and it's a gold mine

The Jaguars quarterback loves chicken tenders, Taco Lu and Charizard

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Blake Bortles is an open book. He proved that point on Tuesday when he took part in an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, on Reddit.

The Jaguars quarterback opened up to fans to help Fanatics, a Jacksonville-based sports apparel retailer, kick off its AMA series featuring sponsored athletes.

The live Q&A session shed light on some burning questions, like if he's aware of the Blake Bortles Facts parody Twitter account (he is), and how he spent his first NFL paycheck.

And then there are numerous questions most people probably wouldn't think to ask. Case in point: "Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck?" 

We didn't have time to mine the whole conversation for gold, but we've pulled out a few gems, which you can find below:

Q: What are your thoughts on the Blake Bortles Facts Twitter account?

A:  I do know about it. I think it's pretty funny and super creative.

Q: What did you do with your first NFL paycheck?

A: I paid for my brother's college tuition.

Q: What are some other dream jobs you would have pursued had football not worked out?

A: I always wanted to be a firefighter when I was growing up. I also definitely wanted to play a sport, either football or baseball. But if not that, I thought being a firefighter would have been pretty cool.

Q: Who was your favorite QB growing up and what QBs do you model your game after?

A: Brett Favre was my favorite growing up. Watching today, I like watching Brady, Roethlisberger, Rivers, all these guys that have been doing it for a while. I try to take things here or there from multiple people, there's not one way to do it and you just gotta find your own.

Q: What's your favorite place to eat in Jacksonville?

A: Sun Deli and Taco Lu.

Q: What do you order at Taco Bell?

A: I do a couple Cheesy Gordita Crunches, some quesadillas, always a Baja Blast. And then some random things, whatever pops off the menu.

Q: If you went to your favorite restaurant and ordered "The Bortles", what would it be?

A: Just a nice chicken tender plate with some fries. And some sweet tea.

Q: Who's the biggest joker/prankster in the locker room?

A: Without hesitation. Leonard Fournette. Not even close. By far. It's just like childish things, he's constantly messing with people. Him and TJ together are like the bad kids in elementary school that are just constantly doing things to annoy other people. But they're good about it and everyone knows it's their personality.

Q: Funniest guy on the Jaguars?

A: Dede (Westbrook) for sure.

Q: Who is the loudest person in the locker room?

A: Calais. With that deep voice.

Q: What's your favorite stadium to play at besides your own?

A: I think the new Atlanta stadium is pretty sweet. We played a preseason there last year and with it being new and state of the art architecture and design, everything brand-spanking new, I thought it was pretty sweet. Minnesota is another stadium that's pretty incredible.

Q: It's fairly well known in Jax Beach that your house is easy to find. Other than the kid who showed up and gave you a beer, are there any other funny stories of fans showing up at your house?

A: There's been some instances where the doorbell rings at a weird hour and a kid's just standing there wanting to talk. I live close to the beach and there have been a couple times where people came over and ended up hanging out for a while.

Q: Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart? Also, do you have a favorite Pokemon?

A: Mario Kart. Charizard.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A: No.

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck?

A: 1 horse-sized duck.

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