Rookie quarterback & his mustache slowly winning over Jaguars fans

Minshew mania: Meet new starter who became cult sensation at Washington State

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – He's the new face of the Jacksonville Jaguars and barely even has one official game under his belt: new starting quarterback Gardner Minshew. 

The rookie took over for the team during the first regular-season game against the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday when starting quarterback Nick Foles was knocked out with a broken clavicle.

Since then, Minshew has become a source of both praise and debate among the Jacksonville fan base.

He had a stellar outing Sunday afternoon at TIAA Bank Field, throwing for 275 yards and two touchdowns in the losing effort against the Chiefs. 

On Thursday, News4Jax stopped by a live episode of the "Jaguars Today" radio show at 1010 XL. 

Host Tony Smith said Minshew already has a lot of support from the fan base.  

"I think the fans have already fallen in love with Gardner Minshew," Smith said. "I think he's been a star among the fan base for a while now and now, being given the opportunity to be the starter, if he's any good, he'll be a rock star in this town."

Minshew became a cult sensation in 2018 at Washington State University, where he was a Heisman contender and was named Pac-12 Conference Offensive Player of the Year as a graduate transfer to the Cougars. He developed a rabid fan base in the Northwest for both his winning ways and his mustache.

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Minshew continues to keep the "stache," but will have to compete with Jaguars owner Shad Khan for the top honors as having the best facial hair in the organization.

Fans are still learning about the rookie and many are still getting his name right.

"Gardner Minsh ... whatever his name is," said one fan in Clay County when asked.  

Jaguars Nation is seemingly split on whether the young quarterback can be the sensation the team has been waiting for.

"He's only played one game. That's not good," another fan said. "He needs some experience."

But Jaguars fan Anish Dabhi said he's already all in with Minshew.  

"I'm about to buy 20 jerseys," Dabhi said. "I like Nick Foles, but Minshew -- I think it's the mustache."

Unfortunately, Sports Mania in Jacksonville Beach told News4Jax on Thursday that Minshew's new role as starter is so fresh he doesn't even have jerseys printed yet for fans. 

Now, Jaguars fans will have to wait for more merchandise and to see if the rookie can cut it. 

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