A man with autism asked a question. Watch how the Jaguars answered

A mom’s simple tweet sharing her son’s question garnered a worldwide response

A local man asked a question and the world stepped up to answer it. The Jaguars even put together a video for David Bloch while they were prepping for the London game. Eden Kendall shares the story on "The Mark Brunell Show."

A local man with autism asked a question and people from around the world, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, stepped up to answer it.

David Bloch, who is a huge Jaguars fan, and his family visited “The Mark Brunell Show” last week. Eden Kendall then followed up with a visit to their home, where she spoke with his mother, Kerry Bloch, about David’s reaction to the outpouring of love from his favorite team.

It all started on Twitter. Kerry’s tweet shared her son’s question, “Would someone like me?” and garnered a worldwide response.

Kerry said David received thousands of well-wishes.

But what many may not have known is that just days before asking if anyone would like him, David had spoken his first spontaneous sentence: “I love Jaguars.”

So you can imagine his excitement when the Jaguars put together a video while prepping for the London game.

The video includes messages for David from Jaguars owner Shad Khan and players.

“What’s up, David? I’m DJ Chark and the Jaguars like you.”

“Hey, David. It’s Leonard Fournette with the Jacksonville Jaguars and we like you and we love you. Go Jags.”

If you would like to reach out as well, you can contact @dsmom58 on Twitter.