Mark Brunell: Season is mercifully coming to a close

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At 5-10 with one game left, I'm doing my best to stay positive. It’s not easy.

Especially after watching another real bad team beat our real bad team.

The Falcons and Jaguars, both 5-9 teams, weren’t equal on Sunday. We’ve seen it before throughout this forgettable season.

A team enters with a similar or identical record as the Jaguars and plays so much better that you wonder just how far away from seriously contending again that Jacksonville is.

Atlanta won 24-12 and I’ve honestly had to search to find anything positive to write.

I suppose I could write about what has gone well so far in 2019. I could also write about what there is to look forward to next season. But as far as Sunday, there is nothing.

No defense. No offense. No magic. There were few yards, few big plays and few sacks. Just another real bad day that we’ve seen all too often.

Like most reading this, I’m ready for this season to be over. The only good thing about Sunday is that the schedule is one day closer to completion. Six days and counting until we can really start thinking and talking about 2020.

So many questions about the future linger. Will there be a new head coach and general manager? What players come back? What players are soon to wear the teal and black for the last time?

One thing for sure, if you thought Sunday was dull, and it was exactly that, I promise you the offseason will not be. Changes are coming. Next year’s Jaguars could — and in all likelihood will — look different. Much, much different. That’s probably best with the 2019 season going as it has.

All we can do is wait, and hope, and keep cheering for our Jaguars.