It is rocket science to Jaguars QB Joshua Dobbs

Jacksonville backup QB has ambitions to work for NASA one day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Playing quarterback in the NFL isn’t even the most complex task in Joshua Dobbs’ life.

Dobbs graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in aerospace engineering, and this offseason, the Jaguars backup quarterback put that degree to good use when he spent some time working at the Kennedy Space Center.

The Jaguars probably have the most interesting quarterback room in the NFL. On one hand, there’s Gardner Minshew II, the second-year sensation who enters the season as the starter and has already captivated north Florida with his play and persona.

Minshew spent time this offseason riding across the country in an RV and flying in Navy fighter jets.

On the other hand, there’s Dobbs.

Dobbs didn’t go on a road trip, but he did put his degree in aerospace engineering from Tennessee to good use at the Kennedy Space Center.

“I think it is fun to have that personality in the room, to be so different and so unique in our love and passion for the game. … You know to be the most unique most interesting QB room in the world, that’s the goal, right? And, also win some football games,” Dobbs said.

For Dobbs, getting the chance to work at NASA has been over a year in the works. He was supposed to participate in a program with NASA last year, but a government shutdown happened, and it didn’t happen. Dobbs said it was worth the wait and it was a moment that he has been dreaming about since he was a kid.

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