Mark Brunell: Jaguars should see what they have in QB Jake Luton

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s still a loss, but the Jaguars didn’t play like a team that’s going in the tank on Sunday against the Texans.

I know it was another loss — we’ve got seven of those in a row now — but the Jaguars did take some positive steps out there. Even though it didn’t show up as an overwhelming number on the stat sheet, the defense finally got to the quarterback. I like that aggressiveness. They ran the ball well.

But I want to focus on the quarterback spot and the play from rookie quarterback Jake Luton, a sixth-round pick from Oregon State. He stepped in on short notice and nearly did enough to win. I want to see what this kid’s got.

I said that Mike Glennon was the better option for coach Doug Marrone going into this game. Gardner Minshew was injured and we’ve seen him regress this season. I didn’t think that plugging in another Day 3 draft pick was something that this team needed. Glennon is a veteran.

Luton started well and he finished really well. The in-between stuff he needs a little work on, but he’s a guy who hadn’t even been active for a game this season until Sunday. Luton got DJ Chark back into the mix and Chark had been off the radar for weeks and out of sync with Minshew. Luton’s drive at the end of the game was solid and he handled the pressure of that moment very well.

So, I’ll go ahead and say it here.

I think that Luton, with what he showed against the Texans, certainly has earned another week of starting. He had less than a full week of practice going into this game and did well. I think the Jaguars should give him another chance and see what he can do. Let’s see what we have in this guy.

At this point, the Jaguars are 1-7. They are not going to the playoffs.

Jacksonville already knows what it has in Minshew. Glennon is a veteran, but he’s just a guy. Luton may not light the world on fire, but if he gets better each week then I think he deserves to be the guy until he proves otherwise.