Prince George went through a full range of emotions during the Euro 2021 final

Prince George with his mom and dad at the Euro 2021 final. (Getty Images.)

Fans around the world had a great time watching the Euro 2021 final match between England and Italy, but no one went through a bigger range of emotions than Prince George.

Obviously, the young prince was cheering on his home country, and when England scored in the second minute of the match, Prince George was filled with so much excitement.

After England scored its first goal, people on the internet could not get over Prince George’s celebration.

People absolutely loved to see his genuine excitement and happiness that his team was winning.

If you ended up watching the game, you know that -- spoiler alert! -- Prince George’s excitement slowly turned into stress and sadness.

The game went into extra time, which then went into penalty kicks. Sadly for England fans, Italy came out on top in the penalties when the team’s goalkeeper made some incredible saves.

The entire country seemed sad about the outcome, including Prince George.

Just look at how bummed he was!

Cheer up, Prince George. There is always the World Cup next summer!

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